Autonation Nissan - New Car purchase and car transmission replaced less than 3weeks

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I bought my 2010 Nisssan Rogue 10/19/2013 with 53,000 miles and less than a week later I was at the shop due to the engine light was on.They stated something was hanging from the car and that triggered the light.

The next week the car was dragging and we were back at the shop and the engine light was back on and they said the tranmission fluid was over flowing and they flushed it and gave me a loaner for 4 days. The next week the car quit all together and we took the car back and they said the transmission valves were gone and gave me a loaner for a week. I told them, I didn't want the car and wanted a equal swap and the manager verbally agreed and told me to wait until the car was fixed to get my equal money from my warranty. Well, low and behold when the car was fixed, they did not want to let me trade it back in and wanted more money if I did!!!

Their word was not trustworthy and I have been blowing everyone up about them ever since.I am due to have my first car payment on 12/3/2013 and I think they should pay it since they have had my car the most.

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Look into lemon law. 3 strikes... If your state doesn't have one, there is a Federal.


Always get it in writing. NEVER trust anyone's word. That is simply a basic rule of business.


Next time, buy a Chevrolet.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #749590

That is what I should have done and that is what I actually traded in.

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Autonation Nissan - Extended Warranty company wont cover part everyone else will!!

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I bought a used 2006 Dodge Charger from Autonation Nissan in Irving 2 months ago. I thought I was being smart in purchasing a 2 yr/24000 mile extended warranty from Protective Asset on the vehicle which included the engine and drive train for $1895.00. My old car was starting to break down and I needed a more reliable car for myself to get to work and for my 3 small children.

On Saturday August 24th, I heard a horrible noise coming from the engine. I immediately pulled over and eventually had it towed to Huffines Dodge in Irving since my warranty stated I could take it to an licensed mechanic and they were the closest Dodge dealer around. I thought it was smart to take my Dodge to a Dodge dealership.

They contacted my warranty company and were told I needed to authorize an $800 teardown of the motor to find the problem. It turns out that a valve seat had dropped out of the head and bounced around in the engine destroying it. I needed a whole new engine.

Huffines Dodge assured me it was definitely a mechanical failure and there could have been nothing I had done in the short time I owned it to cause the failure. They stated they’ve had many of these engines come in with the EXACT same problem as mine and every warranty company they had dealt with covered the repair.

On Saturday Sept. 7th, Protective Asset sent their appraiser out to inspect it and take pictures. On Sept 11th they called Huffines Dodge and informed them that they would NOT be covering the repairs claiming the vavle seat is not a lubricated part of the engine and that their warranty only covers damage caused by an internally lubricated part.

Per the shop foreman at Huffines Dodge, he said this is unheard of and yes this is considered a lubricated part. I have done tons of research on it and have found that every extended warranty I could find online that listed the parts that were covered as an internally lubricated and EVERY one lists “valves, valve springs, seats and guides.”

I spoke to 4 different people at Protective Asset trying to go up the chain and they all insist it is not covered as a lubricated part. They also refused to give me their process for arbitration.

I contacted Autonation Nissan and they said because the car was not in their service shop, there was nothing they can do to help me either. They said it’s not their problem this happened.

I am now on the hook for $20k in car payments, $1k to my work for help with the down payment, $800 to Huffines Dodge for the teardown and if I actually want to ever drive the car, another $6k in repairs AND possibly lawyer fees if I have to fight this none of which I can afford. I support my family of 3 children, my elderly mother and my elderly mother-in-law. This could financially ruin me.

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